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The benefits of drinking more water

drink more water nutrition tipIf you are looking to lose more weight, one of the things you’ll need to incorporate into your diet is making sure that your water intake is at an appropriate level. Water is a key ingredient. We are all well aware of all the different options when it comes to having a drink. The pure and simpliest one is water. That’s what our bodies were meant to consume. There was no red bull, or coke hundreds of years ago. Water is what your body knows and how to process it.

Water is important for a number of reasons:

  1. Drinking water increases the number of calories you burn in a resting state. Drinking cold water will even help you burn more as your body needs to exert energy to warm up the water.
  2. Drinking water will help suppress your appetite. A great way to do this is drinking half your body weight in ounces right after you get up in the morning. Even if you work out early, that water will get absorbed into your body so you don’t have that bloated feeling.
  3. Water will help your energy level. Dehydration is a physical performance and energy killer.
  4. Drinking water helps prevent hangovers which are caused by dehydration
  5. Any good weight loss plan should include an increase in water. if you are not drinking enough, a good rule of thumb is “drinking your body weight in ounces”. So a 200# male should be drinking at least 200 ounces of water.
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