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About Fit Meals

Fit Meals by Prime 16 is a way for people to get restaurant quality meals prepared for those leading a healthy lifestyle. We use the highest quality ingredients, sodium free seasonings and all natural chicken and beef. The goal is to provide people with healthy, quality meals along with a break down of macros to help you keep track of calories, protein, carbs and fat.

Our meals are best eaten within a 3 day window from time of delivery or pick up, (1 day for salads) If you’ve ordered multiple meals, we suggest that you pick out the meals that you are going to eat within that time period and freeze the rest. Best not to wait till the last day to freeze. At that time, they should be transferred to an air tight container made for frozen foods. Its best to consume the frozen meals within a 3 week window from time of freezing.

Meals can be picked up or delivered depending on your preference.

Reheating meals can be done either in a microwave or oven. If one of your meals has our clear, compostable top, you will need to remove it as it is not microwaveable safe.  SAUCES are not meant to be served hot so remember to remove them before you put them in the microwave.


Place a water dampened paper towel over your meal or a microwave safe lid to keep the heat and limit your daily cleaning duties. Below are suggested times for reheating as all microwaves have a slight degree of reheating time:

  • Refrigerator to microwave reheating: 2-3 minutes
  • Freezer to microwave reheating : 4-5 minutes

Stove top heating

We prefer reheating the meals on a stove top burner. Reheating in an oven tends to dry out your meal and it’s easier to manage your food from a burner. Just add a small amount of water to your skillet, cover and put on LOW heat. Steam is the best way to reheat your food to get it moist and not dry out.

Nutritional Information

We have listed all the nutritional information on our menu page for you to cross reference.


Please note that all payments are to be paid for online line using credit cards. We do not accept cash for payments.